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Life is 90% How You Take It – Tips for Aging Well

Life is 10% what you make of it (1)

Life is 10% what you make of it (1)

The Power of Resilience – Age Well

When you look back and see where you come from consider the power of resilience. Now a common catch phrase is #adulting. Often it refers to doing something unpleasant. For the most part having to move toward something rather than running away. In a word resilience.

Age and Attitude

While reviewing journal articles about the impact of resilience one thing is apparent attitude matters. Although it seems intuitive the practice of changing an attitude is often the barrier. Now the challenge is to improve resources for aging adults to develop realistic positive about aging. By doing so will support the complexities of living longer.

Tips for Aging Well

  1. Interdependence – Embrace connection to others. Introverts I’m talking to you! Make a daily practice of stretching your comfort zone. Begin by asking and giving help.
  2. Stress Management – Acknowledge stress in your life. Develop a strategy to manage the physical reaction to stress. By doing so you can protect yourself against the harmful effects of stress such as depression, anxiety, and memory loss.
  3. Act – No amount of reading or understanding will improve the ability to age well. However, taking actions will. By practice and failure, we learn, grow, and improve. Start where you are to get where you want to go.


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I’m an author, aging expert, and gerontologist dedicated to educating, empowering, and inspiring Americans to age well. In order, to influence change I connect to multigenerational audiences through social media. In addition, I work with start-ups, agencies, and small businesses to enhance service delivery to older adults. As a valued resource for topics about aging I curate information about aging on my blog, podcast, and new vlog.


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