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Behind The Wheel: Senior Transportation Resource

Behind The Wheel: Freewheeling after Sixty

“Just talk to me.” Is the phrase we use when trying to begin a difficult conversation. For many adult children of older parents talking about giving up driving is a talk that comes laden with fear, trepidation and often avoided. Here’s the good news, that is in the past and now experienced drivers and their families have a resource to rely on.

The book Freewheeling after Sixty has a different philosophy when it comes to having the keys talk. The book talks respectfully  with the experienced driver and begins an interactive conversation. First by asking drivers the bigger questions about driving and helping them identify what driving represents. Next the book acknowledges the desire to stay behind the wheel by providing practical tactics, resources, and developing a strategy. From that launching point the experienced driver transitions to being a reader talking to a friend and exploring the opportunity to stretch their frame of reference about transportation.

With each chapter the reader explores a component that maximizes their freedom and mobility.

  • Improving driving skills
  • Understanding transportation programs
  • Identifying future trends 

When writing this book I thought of the many students in my classes, talks, and workshops. Eager to learn, curious, and hopeful to meet someone who would talk to them.

Judi Bonilla is the Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging and author of Freewheeling after Sixty. Previously she was a fellow for Hispanic In Philanthropy and Senior Service America, Inc. Bonilla has spoken at South by Southwest (SXSW) the American Society on Aging, and Certified Senior Advisors conferences. She has received a Special Commendation from the City of San Diego for the inaugural Older Driver Awareness Week in San Diego, the Association of Travel Instruction Jack Gorelick Achievement Award for her passionate commitment and perseverance to the growth of the profession of travel instruction and the Women In Transportation Innovative Transportation Solutions Award.