We help consultants, non-profits, tech startups, and small business owners develop strategies to reach the $8 trillion age 50 plus market. By providing marketing and product development strategies for the senior market. This includes community engagement, social media, and digital optimization.

Retaining Aging Client Strategy

Strategy session with Judi BonillaWe offer municipal agencies and non-profits a strategic approach to improving the customer experience for older consumers. Our unique experience and perspective enable us to provide clients with the context to enhance service delivery.

Aging Awareness | Age Sensitivity Training

We offer San Diego’s only age-awareness and age-sensitivity training service. The training creates an understanding by participants of potential barriers and how to improve the customer experience. This session is held in a small group workshop.

Brain Health

By analyzing the research of experts in brain health we identified how to reduce risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease. Then we developed a system with a focus on building a brain-healthy lifestyle. We offer this program individually, to groups, and through professional development workshops.



Enrichment in Retirement – We offer Thrive In Retirement a 90-minute individual session to guide individuals preparing for retirement. While individuals may have a plan for financial retirement few develop a strategy for the health, social, and environmental aspects of retirement. During this session, we review the post-retirement outlook and preparation for healthy results.

Senior Transportation

Learn how to design a transportation system for an elderly family member. Author of Freewheeling After Sixty Judi asks readers to make giving up the car keys easier for older drivers. We offer this program individually, to groups, and through professional development workshops.