What have we learned about aging and COVID-19?

Mature woman speaking on telephone

The awareness of social isolation and the impact on olders.

Not a day goes by when we don’t hear information about the COVID-19 virus. Or its impact on leading to social isolation. Yet, those in aging have been tackling this crisis long before the virus pushed it into the headlines. The truth is the pandemic is temporary, it will pass. However, olders will continue to age and now is the time to plan for the future. Similar to beating the virus we need to take steps to beat  social isolation. Here are  tips to help overcome isolation and the difficulties it brings.

Adopt technology

Video conversations are now the norm. Thanks to Zoom families and friends are able to connect.  In fact, holidays and other milestones are now shared from a smartphone.

Develop local connections

Neighbors can take steps to increase connection during the COVID-19 stay home order. Reconsider community involvement and identify ways to make informat connections.

Review social currency

Given the contagious nature of the virus has forced singles of every age to stay home. No travel and minimal connection to the world. Except for those with social currency. The connections you make professionally and personally each day. It’s time to revisit the people you’ve met, this time with a phone call.

In the end, the virus will dissipate. However, the experience of social isolation is one we must hold on to. For it is in this we remember how important it is to connect and reconnect.