Social Media and Professionals in the Aging Industry

Social Media and Professionals in the Aging Industry

Social Media and Professionals in the Aging Industry

Twitter – Social Media and You

In 2008 I got social and joined something called Twitter. While I didn’t quite get Twitter I thought it might be a way to share my message about aging. Now eight years later I know this social media platform has been instrumental in changing my life. Perhaps lives of other as well.

Which is the Right Platform?

Whether you select Twitter, Facebook or Instagram select a platform to share your message. Since I am a news junkie my preference is Twitter known as America’s water cooler. By using Twitter I’m able to capture breaking news, find resources for a deeper dive, and share my own perspective. While I ask the question which is the right platform? Ultimately, the only correct answer is the one you will use.

Connections and Inspiration

Even though I regularly attend industry conferences yearly meetings are not enough to build relationships. However, regularly using social media offers the opportunity to create, develop, and maintain connections. In addition, it also fosters cross-sector inspiration. As a result, today I read the tweets of Anthony Breznican. Instantly, through Twitter, I connected to Breznican a writer and author of Brutal Youth. Definitely someone not in my industry or social circle. Regardless I connected with him on a human level as he told a story about his experience meeting Mr. Rogers. If you’re similar to me you have highs and lows in your work. Perhaps, an unaccepted proposal, grant, or fellowship and once in awhile it’s all three. In other words, your work appears stymied. Remembering Mr. Rogers today is my way to make today better and keep moving forward.

Important Links

Article and Twitter Story 

Brutal Youth

About Me

Currently, I am the Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging. My claim to fame? First gerontologist to speak at South by Southwest. Another accomplishment?  Freewheeling After Sixty the first book to make it easier for older adults to give up driving. Lastly, this summer I’ll be speaking at the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging on Let’s Talk Sexy: It’s Part of Aging.

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