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Hey Judi What About This @Anchor

Anchor FM the latest social media platform

What is Anchor FM?

Anchor FM the latest social media platform
To listen to the recording click on the image.Record thoughts and sounds from any location to curate daily life.

Anchor FM is your opportunity to join a social media platform where you don’t have to feel picture perfect! With Anchor you’re only recording audio. For the camera shy Anchor has no barriers and quickly connects you to a global community with just a few quick taps.

Why Use Anchor FM?

Again, this is audio only giving you the opportunity to record anywhere and anytime. For frustrated podcasters this might give you the practice you need to build a show. No editing is required. No extra microphones needed just download the app and hit the big red button! You have two minutes to record audio, then publish it. Share your audio file (called a wave) on Twitter or Facebook. Listeners can play and reply to your waves with their own audio messages. 

Ready To Get Started On Anchor FM?

  • At this time the app is only available for iPhone
  • Follow the prompts and connect using your Twitter account to automatically populate your profile
  • Record your first wave (thoughts, questions, sounds)
  • Add text to your wave so listeners know what your wave is about
  • When you record your first wave use #firstwave to let other users no you have arrived
  • Listeners can comment,reply, or like your wave

Interested in learning more? Connect with me on Twitter:  and we’ll circle back to Anchor.