Dating After Sixty How Do I Spot A Romance Scammer?

How do I spot a romance scammer?

How Do I Spot a Romance Scam?

How Do I Spot A Romance Scammer?

Where are you likely to find a Romance Scammer? Perhaps on Facebook.

A few times a week I receive a friend request from a man I have never met. Usually, the man is divorced or a widower. In addition, he is often in the military or a business executive. Lastly, he almost always has no friends. Such is the beginning of a romance scammer.

Usually, scammer profiles are easy for me to spot. However, for some women they are not. As a result here are a few tips to keep you safe when using Facebook.

1. You receive a friend request from someone you have never met.

2. The individual has no Facebook friends.

3. If they have friends they are almost exclusively female.

4. Their Facebook URL is different than their Facebook name.

5. They do not include a message about how they know you.

If, you do accept their friend request watch out for the ABCs of a romance scammer.

A. They have a very tragic story. Such as a widower who cared for an ill spouse. In addition, he may have survived several sad life experiences.

B. He’s a one woman man and wants to correspond directly with you. Specifically, they do not want to message through Facebook or a dating app.

C. There are inconsistencies in his life story. Frequently dates and locations change with each email.

In the first place, romance does happen. There are nice men. However, there are scammers too. For this reason, when dating use caution, take your time, and when in doubt use your instincts. Have you been contacted by a romance scammer? Share your experience in the comments.

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