Thanksgiving Debrief: My Parents Are Getting Older

Thanksgiving Debrief: My Parents Are Getting Older

Thanksgiving Debrief

If you’re like many families it’s time for the post-Thanksgiving debrief. Perhaps, this is the year you noticed your parents are beginning to age.  Or in some cases, it’s time to offer additional help. Whatever the situation it will begin with having a conversation about a sensitive topic. Before you begin making changes in the lives of your parents be prepared. While your instinct might be to step in and take over consider these three tips.

  1. Patience – Your parent is an adult and want respect
  2. Listen – Encourage your parent to talk about what they want
  3. Prepare – Provide realistic alternative solutions

Advice For Families

Thanksgiving is often the time of year many families recognize a decline in a family members health. If this is your experience know you are not alone. While the experience is new for your family, other families have also shared the experience. To improve your family conversations consider the following TED Talk.


Is It Alzheimer’s?

Perhaps you shared your concern with a friend or sibling? If so, again you are not alone. Other families are asking the same question, “Is it Alzheimer’s.” However, unlike many families, you are reading this post. If you are asking the question call your local Alzheimer’s program or the national Alzheimer’s Association. The important thing is to take courage and action. 

Thanksgiving Debrief: My Parents Are Getting Older

Next Steps

While this year may not have gone the way you expected, it is what happened. Now the best thing you can do is to acknowledge the change, take time to accept the change, and now cope with the new normal of your family. I encourage you to seek professional advice, gather resources, and move forward. To learn more about resources and professional assistance please contact me.

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