Top 15 Aging Focused Organizations

Resources For Professionals In Aging

Resources For The Future of AgingResources For Professionals In Aging

25 years ago I knew I wanted something different for myself and more importantly to make a difference. All I needed to find was a direction to channel my mission.  I found that direction among my neighbors.

You see I bought a home in a 1950s GI tract. As I began to meet my neighbors I realized many were the original owners. They bought their homes, raised their children, and were now retired. They loved their neighborhood and did not want to leave the community. They also needed help to stay in their homes. I later learned this was called aging in place. As I began helping my neighbors I also found a calling and a way to make a difference in aging America.

We are a rapidly aging society with limited resources designated to the field of aging. What very few people recognize are the 74.9 million Americans now age 50 plus are just the first ripple. The large swell are the 75.3 million Millennials that will change the tide of aging around the world.  

My goal as an aging expert is building awareness to aging as part of the life experience and not an end result. I’ve selected the following organizations for their initiatives in serving older adults and connecting the generations.

Top Aging Focused Organizations


Aging 2.0

American Society on Aging

Caring Across America

Certified Senior Advisors

Generations United


National Center For Creative Aging

National Council On Aging

National Hispanic Council On Aging


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

The Gerontological Society of America

The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Yes, there are 16 resources! If you know of other organizations that deserve a spot on the list please contact me.