Super Mario 64 A Brain Health Winner

Super Mario 64 For Better Brain Health?

Video Games For Brain Health

Today, the Universities of Montreal and Institute of Geriatrics of Montreal report video games are good for your brain. If you’re over age 55 games similar to Super Mario 64, may hold off cognitive decline and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.


Psychology professor Gregory West says, when the brain is not learning new things, gray matter atrophies as people age. However, “The good news is we can reverse those effects and increase volume by learning something new. In fact,  games similar to Super Mario 64, activate the hippocampus.


Super Mario Brothers Wins

In two studies findings showed gray matter in the hippocampus increased after playing 3D video games. The test group of 33 participants ages 55 – 75, were divided into three groups. For 30 minutes a day, five days a week, they either:

  • Played Super Mario 64
  • Took piano lessons for the first time 
  • No specific activity

According to MRI test results, only participants in the video-game group saw increases in gray matter.   In addition, the group’s short-term memory also improved.

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