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From #SMMW16 Build Your Brand With Video @Schmittastic

Build your brand authority

Being the Best Bridesmaid changed Amy Schmittauer Life

When Amy Schmittauer became a replacement bridesmaid she wanted to make a lasting impression on her close friend. In her video she connected the wedding guests to the life and love of the couple on an emotional level that brought tears and laugher. That one video changed Amy’s life and her mission.Today, I sat in on Savvy Sexy Social YouTube channel.

Reasons to Use Video to Build Your Brand

59% of senior exec would rather watch video than read text.

YouTube has increased 40% year over year  since march 2014.

80 percent of internet traffic will be video in 2019

Be Your Brand  

Every video is an invitation that shares your value who you are, what you stand for. What do people say about your brand.

Follow Your formula

Your first video always sucks (when you’re getting on camera).Remember your avatar as you record. Speak to your ideal person, the goal is to have your viewer say, “I feel like you were talking to me.” Change the viewer’s perspective – less talking head. End with your call to action. All within 3 – 5 minutes! Remember to scale up, not scale back. Be reliable. Video in the afternoon noon- 5PM is the best time and 4PM is a sweet spot.

Create Your Collaborate

  1. Work together
  2. In person
  3. Interview
  4. Takeover or a clip request

Collab Alone

  1. Repurpose content/quotes
  2. Reviews

Amy says video is the way to share your message, “Go all in on what you do best!” The metrics? “Comments.”

Check out Amy’s vlog:

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