What Happens When We Die?

5 Things That happen when we die

5 Things That happen when we die

Five Thing That Happens When We Die

This weekend I had a front row seat to the question, What happens when we die? A former student who became a friend died suddenly Friday morning. News reached me through the cross culture American news platform, Facebook. As I took my morning walk, scrolling through Facebook I read of her death. The word stunned came to mind. In the last 24 hours this is I learned about what happens when we die.

1. First of all friend and family are shocked by the news. Whatever your age, your death came too soon.

2. Friends will reach out to each other. We call one another for assurance, connection, and disbelief. 

3. Those left behind will recount the time they spent with you. We begin sharing our memories and cherished stories about you.

4. While others begin thinking about missed phone calls and visits. Your death may lead others to rethink their priorities.

5. Finally, we wonder what life will be like without you.

Recently I said to a friend, “Life is easy either you are alive or you are not. Living is complex.” This week I learned call, text, or write when you think of a friend or loved one. Prioritize your connections and make time for those you care about. I am reminded all we have is right now. 


Judi Bonilla author of Freewheeling after Sixty and Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging. Previously she was a fellow for Hispanic In Philanthropy and Senior Service America, Inc. Bonilla has spoken at South by Southwest (SXSW) the American Society on Aging, and Certified Senior Advisors conferences. She has received a Special Commendation from the City of San Diego for the inaugural Older Driver Awareness Week in San Diego, the Association of Travel Instruction Jack Gorelick Achievement Award for her passionate commitment and perseverance to the growth of the profession of travel instruction and the Women In Transportation Innovative Transportation Solutions Award.

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